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Capital Investment – Entrant Scheme

In October 2003, Hong Kong SAR Government launched the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (the “Scheme”) to facilitate the entry for residence by capital investment entrants, i.e. investors who make capital investment in Hong Kong, without engaging in or establishing any business here. Through our services, the applicants may make diversified investment in equities, debt securities and funds in order to capitalize investment opportunities. Beijing Financial Group provides a “one-stop” service to the applicants of the Scheme, from submission of an application to tailor-make investment portfolios that address the applicant’s special requirements and let the applicant becomes a Hong Kong resident in a simple and fast way.

 Eligibility Criteria

  1. People from the Mainland China shall obtain the permanent resident status from a foreign country can they apply the Scheme. (Our company assists to apply for the permanent resident status of a foreign country)
  2. The applicant shall be over 18 years old with no bad record.
  3. The applicant shall own not less than HK$ 10 million’s net asset throughout the two years preceding his application.
  4. The needed personal document materials, certificates etc shall be complete.
  5. The applicant shall have no adverse record in Hong Kong before or after the application.

 Investment Classes

The applicant shall invest not less than HK$ 10 million in one or two of the following Permissible investment asset classes:

 (A)    Equities – Shares of companies that are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and traded in Hong Kong Dollars.

(B)     Debt securities – Denominated in Hong Kong Dollars, including the fixed or floating rate instruments and convertible bonds issued or fully guaranteed by the following institutes – the HKSAR Government (the Government), the Exchange Fund, the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited, MTR Corporation Limited, Kowloon – Canton Railway Corporation Limited, Airport Authority Hong Kong and other specified corporations, institutions or organizations wholly or partly owned by the Government; or the companies referred to under (A) above.

Eligible Collective Investment Schemes: The Immigration Department will publish and update the list of the eligible collective investment schemes on the website from time to time.