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About Us

Beijing Securities Limited (“Beijing Securities” or the “Company”) was established in August 1997, is a professional financial services company regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission and specializes in corporate finance activities and (in particular; fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance advisory and corporate rescue) as well as securities broking services. To complement its brokerage business, the Company also have two trading rights at The Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited. Over years, Beijing Securities has developed itself into a reputable merchant banking company with established track records, investor base, clientele and business standards. In the last two decades, management of the Company has handled many complex fund raising and M&A transactions and has been receiving wide recognition in the Hong Kong, Greater China and overseas markets.

To cope with the changing market trends and customer preferences, we have implemented an international merchant banking model in early 2008. After the introduction of new shareholders and management team in 2008, the Company has expanded to a number of new merchant banking services such as fund raising, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance advisory, corporate rescue, securities trading and underwriting, assets management, margin financing, investment advisory, online securities trading, financial planning etc.

Beijing Securities employs a team of seasoned bankers from merchant banking, commercial banking and securities industries. Majority of our employees possess professional degrees in finance or related discipline whilst all of our practitioners have relevant securities experience. In addition to their solid academic backgrounds, members of the team have also gained a lot of experience from working in multi-national companies and are all familiar with local and overseas customs, economies, trade practices, law, taxation, accounting and finance, listing regulations and stock market practices.

To cope with our strong growth as evidenced by our strong deal flow, the Company has adopted an efficient and effective control system and invested significantly in equipment with leading front-end trading and back-office clearing capabilities for securities. Most of our financial products could now be executed using the internet medium.

Beijing Securities has established a long relationship with some of the most influential financial and banking leaders in Hong Kong and the PRC and has s solid foundation cooperating with reputable international merchant banks and institutional investors in the PRC, US, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, Singapore and the Middle east will continue to develop this banking and investment network to meet with our client needs.

We continue to enrich our business philosophy with relentless creativity and do whatever it takes to provide outstanding services to our clients and to continually winning their trusts. Clients to us are more than friends. We treasure our achievements and will strive for more glory in the future.


Securities & Futures Commission
Registration No:
Hong Kong Stock Exchange Broker No: 4708
Address 25/F, OCTA Tower, 8 Lam Chak Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong
Hotline: (852) 2299 6000
Toll Free: 4001-205-884
Fax: (852) 2299 6099
Customer Service Email: