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Margin Financing

Our Securities Margin Financing service allows you to effectively finance your stock purchase by utilizing your stock portfolio in your account with us as collateral to establish a credit line. Margin financing is an effective method in providing a leveraged return higher than normal cash accounts and is specifically designed for experienced investors, therefore significant risk is involved which must be fully understood by all investors.


A Margin Account Addendum must be processed by margin financing clients. You are encouraged to fully understand the contents of the Addendum and sign and return the client’s declaration page as instructed.


Credit Limited for Each Margin Client

l   Each margin financing client’s financial situation, investment experience and the quality of the stock collateral will be assessed by us in deciding the credit limit of each margin client after the submission of the Margin Account Addendum. 

l   Please note that the credit limit provided by us is subject to changes or termination due to the financial markets conditions, the financial situation of each margin client, the quality of the respective stock collateral and stock margin ratio. 

l   At any time, the purchasing power of your margin account is the sum of the cash balance plus your credit limit. 

Please contact your account executive to obtain information on the respective stock margin ratio.