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Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A is at the very core of our effort in building a world-class investment bank. Currently our major M&A themes include:

  • Disposals and spin off
  • Acquisitions
  • Strategic acquisition / investment
  • Bridging finance for acquisition (includes industry research, identification of targets, bidding tactics, pricing, negotiation and mediation of terms, due diligence and closing support)

As a leading M&A house in China, we believe in a “balanced approach” to this business. Consequently our M&A portfolio includes both sell-side and buy-side mandates, and our clients include multinationals, public and private Chinese companies, and buyout funds. While we do not have a particular preference in terms of the nature of a transaction, our bi-cultural and bilingual background naturally disposes us to transactions with a “cross-border” flavor to them.

In addition to impeccable execution, we also recognize that M&A transactions are often a result of imagination, creativity, and thinking out-of-the-box that, in turn, requires extensive industry knowledge, insights and expertise. Consequently, we strive to continuously deepen our understanding of the industries we serve.