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Online Trading

In addition to trading by telephone, you can now trade securities online with us. Online provides an easy and convenient method allowing you to receive real-time stock information, account information and to place buy or sell orders at your fingertips.

If you wish to apply for the online securities trading services, you are encouraged to read the Online Securities Trading Addendum carefully before signing to ensure full knowledge or our services.

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Web Trading

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Notes on Online Securities Trading

  • A written notice will be sent to you within 3 working days after we receive your application to confirm that the online trading account is established. Upon receipt of our confirmation, simply login to our online trading system, and enter the account number and initial password for activation.
  • For your protection, please change your password after logging in for the first time to our online securities trading system. Please note that passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Please keep your password safe and not disclose to others. We would also recommend you to change your password periodically for additional security.
  • Please note that if your online securities trading account is used by any unauthorized personnel, you will be liable for the settlement of any unauthorized trades.
  • Your account will be automatically locked if you fail to log in 5 times to our online securities trading system.
  • You can notify us at (852)2299 6000 or fax to (852)2299 6099 or Toll Free 4001-205-884 immediately if you forget your account password or your account is locked.