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Securities Broking

Beijing Securities has a professional and experienced team of staff in the financial and securities industry to provide accurate, timely and diversified investment services to our clients.Before you can start trading securities through us, you have to open a securities trading account with us. (You may download a securities trading account opening form here.)

Once a securities trading account is established, we will send you a confirmation letter advising you your account name, account number, margin financing credit limit (if any) and the name and telephone number of the client officer who looks after your investment needs.

When you have completed all your account opening procedures, your account will be ready for trading. Please ensure that you have sufficient cash and/or securities deposited in your account before you can place an order. In placing your orders, please either call your client officer or make your order through our online trading service. To protect your interest, all telephone conversations with our client officers are recorded.

Fully or partially completed orders are verbally confirmed by our client officer within the same day with daily account statement being sent to you according to your designated method on the account opening form. Please contact us any time at our service hotline (852) 2299 6000 or Toll Free: 4001-205-884 if you notice any error or irregularity on your account statements.